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Am I a Healer?

You may have asked yourself if you are a healer, and maybe you don't know where exactly to get started. It starts innocent enough, you help a few people and you really feel the urge and the pull to do more...well, that's great! We want to encourage that. This is a questionnaire designed to find out if this is really what you want to pursue. It is not for the faint of heart. Healers who have been in the business of healing people for years have attributed to their work to being a service provider. They are so grateful to be of service and feel they get to experience the very worst of humanity and also the very angelic best. They have described themselves as mechanics, engineers, scientists, and even locksmiths.


The range of modalities varies greatly and new modalities pop up frequently with the massive internal exploration that individuals discover about their abilities to heal others. From sound healing, bodywork, light therapy, channeling, psychic or intuitive work, food and supplemental support, support team member, mentor, therapist and more. 

The type of healer that Oriah works with are those that want to be of service as a lifestyle, jumping in heart-first they only want the very best for themselves and others. They may not quit their day jobs just yet, but eventually, they find themselves exploring the many offerings our beautiful healers worldwide have to offer to help expand their options. If you are already a healer and want to hone in on your skills, go ahead and answer these questions and it will get us started.


So what are you waiting for? Answer these questions below and you will receive a response from Oriah to set up a free coaching call. (technical difficulties-coming soon)