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There is no better time than now

NEW Thought Leader Speaker

oriah mirza 

Oriah's live performance is exhilarating and provocative.
You are left with a sense that something changed inside of you.
Awaken the healer within live talk ful l

“You have to authentically go through the healing process yourself before you can help anyone. There’s no other way because if it’s not believable to you-it won’t work.” -Oriah Mirza

Oriah shows people how to most effectively reprogram their minds and heal their life in this almost 2-hour talk at Mystic Journey in CA Nov 2019. She discusses and shows you how to release pain in 7 steps....authentically. To become a Healer, first you need to heal yourself, she shows you how in her eye-opening discussion that will activate you to your core. She has dedicated her life to helping people find peace, with themselves first and then others that when you surrender to yourself...it will transform your very existence.

Mother of five children ages 27 to 13, Oriah has been a mother most of her life, being raised in inner cities around So. Cali, she is familiar with the darker side of life.

An expert trauma life coach, speaker, teacher, healer and author, Oriah will go where people feel uncomfortable to help people find peace. Her soft touch and yet straightforward and many times, humorous approach to finding a person's core beliefs helps set you free and is an effective and powerful tool to get out of survival and become a master of your life.



Because of my time with Oriah I am more equipped to understand the circumstances of my life. I have learned that everything is happening for me rather to me, and I have the power to create my own reality. In fact, I was already aware that I was a healer, but she was able to help me realize my full potential to enhance my own abilities.


Through her wisdom she was able to show me that I already had the power to activate my dreams, and I simply needed to provide myself permission. Not only is she able to heal others with her intelligence, but she models it with her action - she walks the walk!

—  Adam Mc Atte, intuitive Pilates instructor

"I didn’t feel like a Healer when I first started. All I had was my story, and my story was a powerful story of transformation." -Oriah

Get ready for 2 1/2 hours of fun!

Deep healing fun that is.

To become an effective healer you have to understand how to heal, re-program your core beliefs and heal your pain so you can be clear and concise with your clients.

Q & A midway through the event

+ You will learn how to reverse engineer your thoughts to get to your source beliefs by watching your own actions in a particular way.


+ Learn how to pay attention to your own inner silent and audible language to help you discover and understand your trauma and addictions and how the body processes, manifests and protects itself based on the beliefs you set in place.


+ How to release trauma, and not repeat the cycle. 


+ How to not let your environment or other people destroy your lives, but instead you can learn how to co-exist with them peacefully.

+ Learn about how your Authenticity, Sharing, and Being in Your Truth can change the world. Plus more.

Find peace in your life. Spirituality and healing yourself and others is a very precise and intelligent way to live. 

Oriah has spoken around the world in Women's Leadership conferences, workshops, group retreats, and one on one private sessions.


Oriah's journey is a heroic act of freedom.


Oriah officially launched her Thought Leader Speaker Series sharing her technique for self-healing through re-programming. She will have more events, and videos to download. 

Oriah's strong desire to heal herself from pain and suffering led her to discover that human beings' have an innate ability to decode and reprogram their own brain adding years to their lifespan and increasing their quality of life.

Not only did she heal her own body and mind from violence and trauma, but she had a renewed and fully transformed life as a result. She has dedicated her life to helping others do the same. Her powerful signature program offers a first-ever live mastermind seminar, group coaching calls, one on one coaching and workshops. 


What is the Healers journey?


Let's Do This. You will understand...

  • Back to the Basics, Humanity 101

  • Learn the Fundamentals of getting along with others

  • Understand how you think and why you act accordingly.

  • Learn how the body and mind processes.

  • Take "others" out, learn how to Mastermind Your Life.

  • Understand Peace and how to create it...peacefully.

  • How to be Your Best Self.

  • How to distinguish between dogma and authentic creation.

  • Learn how to organize your thoughts.

  • Learn how to articulate so people understand you.

  • Learn how to take care of yourself.

  • Discover all the pitfalls of being Human-how to avoid them.

  • Understand DNA/ancestral Programming.

  • Find partnership with love.

  • Be more available for new opportunities.

  • How to get out of fear and sadness.

  • What is addiction and how to overcome it.


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Shamans Riz & Oriah

Oriah Mirza is a mother of five children and wife of renowned Psychic Medium and Trance Channel Riz Mirza. She has cultivated and developed a fast and powerful understanding of how the mind retains information through programming, and unbeknownst to you how it affects your every moment and creates your reality. Go to Riz's website to learn more.


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