As a former heavyweight champion of experiencing trauma myself and a veteran trauma life coach....I learned some things along the way.


1. You have to put some separation from the experience and your understanding of it. Get perspective.

2. Understand the how’s and why’s the trauma occurred or how you can grow from it.

3. Stay out of blame, confusion, and anger because that causes it to persist.

4. Do an action that is the opposite of the feeling. Helps preserve the mind, body, heart.

5. Respect yourself and the experience so you can experience better feeling things and not attract more trauma so you can keep trying to learn how to respect yourself.

6. Be grateful you are understanding it. Feel the gratitude and start feeding gratitude not the trauma.

7. To self-preserve and live a better quality life-you will find any means possible to not continuously feel “traumatized”. When your done your done.

8. Trauma is like a poison, and it taints your vision and intoxicates your bloodstream with damaging information that continues the harm and pain in your system. Be aware of this. Address it head on as a poison.

9. Allow yourself the most humane experience you can have: allow yourself to feel good and feel love.

10. Remove the identification that your experience was “trauma” because that keeps it in place.

This is but a small list of things I learned to help you get out of trauma. I have a longer list and have successfully taught multitudes of people over a decade how to reprogram yourself back into sanity.

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